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【H-Game】RUINTERRIBLE -ルインテリブル + Download Link

【H-Game】RUINTERRIBLE -ルインテリブル + Download Link #1
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Title【H-Game】RUINTERRIBLE -ルインテリブル + Download Link
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Name: RUINTERRIBLE -ルインテリブル
Genre: 2D Action Hack and Slash
Summary: 2D Action Hack and Slash RPG style game, with 3D H scene and 2D game over H scene

[Arrow Keys] - Character Movement
[Z] - Interact/Light attack
[X] - Heavy Attack
[C] - Range attack
[H] - Masturbate
[1,2,3,4,5,6] - Item

Personal Opinion: The quality of the art is good, and the voice acting make the game looks like they put more budget on it, the game looks pretty simple, I myself prefer the 2D game over H-scene than the 3D H-scene.

Download Link ---- [[link stripped - click to show]]

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