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Lightning Legend [PS1] - play as Adolf

Lightning Legend [PS1] - play as Adolf #1
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TitleLightning Legend [PS1] - play as Adolf
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This is a play-through of Story Mode using Adolf Ratsel in the PS1 game Lightning Legends: Daigo no Daibouken. Read on below for more information...

Adolf is the penultimate boss in the game. He is a regular selectable character in it.

For time's sake I have disabled the story scenes (you can do this in the Options) in this playthrough.

===== ABOUT ADOLF =====
He is a superhero type design, probably one that fights against crime and for justice, etc. In his alternative costumes without the superhero suit he has a similar look to Daigo, which suggests that he may be Daigo's role model, and possibly older brother.

Gameplay-wise he is a pretty good character, with good range in his basic strikes. Special moves include a Ryu/Ken style fireball that he recovers fairly quick from; a low hurricane kick and a thrusting power punch.


---- His other name is Taiki Raioh.

---- The game can also be known as Lighting Legend: Daigo's Great Adventure.

Lightning Legend is what you might call "a JRPG as a fighting game". Not only the story, but the game's character designs, backgrounds and music has a modern JRPG-feel to it. Everything kind of feels "out-of-place", but this is the charm of the game in my view.

The gameplay of it is quite "loose"... it has very little hit-pause when strikes connect (basically landed strikes feel like it goes through opponents). There are also minor problems with responsiveness as well because of the way the animations are done... sometimes you feel as if you don't have full control of the character. If you're looking for Street Fighter or Tekken gameplay, you won't find it here. As well as the hidden characters, there are also a ton of other stuff to unlock in the game.

The graphics are excellent for the PS1's standards, therefore the game runs at 30fps.

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