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Architects - "Modern Misery"

Architects - "Modern Misery" #1
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TitleArchitects - "Modern Misery"
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"Modern Misery" by Architects from the album 'Holy Hell,' available now
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Director - Lewis Cater
Producer - James Norbury
Director of Photography - Davey Gilder
Production Company - Zebrafish Media


Seven billion hungry ghosts
Just a parasite killing its host
The emperor wears no clothes
I see those brittle bones
But we’re buried by modern misery

There’s not enough water in the world to wash the blood from our hands

We planted a seed
Its roots will suffocate the soul
It grows without light
And feeds from our bones
Hell must be empty
All the devils are here
Singing us the Lord’s Prayer
Finally, something that we all share

I won’t go to the grave
With the song still in me

What are we hiding in the rain?
This is a prison for lost souls
Another life circles the drain
We used to run with the wolves
Now we can’t see the forest
‘Cos there’s no light in the black hole
Don’t try and tell me we are blessed
We used to run with the wolves

Are these our new messiahs?
‘Cos the saviour has a gun to my head
Don’t be fooled by Maya, the kings are all thieves
And the serpents will bite as they please
How has it come to this?

I won’t go to the grave
With the song still in me
And I won’t live like a slave
Begging from my knees
I will not live like a slave
I will not beg from my knees
I will not go to the grave
With the song still in me

We used to run with the wolves

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