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Ukulele Chord Mania!!! G9 Chord

Ukulele Chord Mania!!! G9 Chord #1
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TitleUkulele Chord Mania!!! G9 Chord
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In this 4K ukulele tutorial you'll learn how to the play the G9 chord on the uke. Free Strumming Mastery Ukulele Course [[link stripped - click to show]]

Do you like James Brown, Funk, Jazz or Blues music? If the answer is yes than the G9 chord is a must know.

The interesting part of playing a G9 chord on the ukulele is that if would normally require 5 notes: G - B - D - F - A.

But since the ukulele only has 4 strings we have to omit one note.

In this case we are going to play the B - F - A - D. You notice that we are omitting the G note, which is the root of the chord.

Typically it's not a good idea to omit the root of the chord but it works for this chord. However it makes it a bit more tricky to remember the name of the chord and move it up and down the neck.

For this video I will not only show you some cool things you can do with this chord but also learn the notes of the chord, and how to move it up and down the neck.

Quote of the day: "Always let people go ahead of you" - Nick Offerman

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