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Krishna: An Improvised Sanskrit Song

Krishna: An Improvised Sanskrit Song #1
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TitleKrishna: An Improvised Sanskrit Song
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A selection of verses from the भागवतपुराण Bhāgavata Purāṇa

कमनीय कृष्ण परिपाहि माम्

हारजालवनमालिकाललितमङ्गरागघनसौरभम् ।
रासकेलिपरिभूषितं तव हि रूपमीश कलयामहे ॥१॥

तावदेव कृतमण्डने कलितकञ्चुलीककुचमण्डले
गण्डलोलमणिकुण्डले युवतिमण्डलेऽथ परिमण्डले ।
अन्तरा सकलसुन्दरीयुगलमिन्दिरारमण सञ्चरन्
मञ्जुलां तदनु रासकेलिमयि कञ्जनाभ समुपादधा: ॥२॥

वासुदेव तव भासमानमिह रासकेलिरससौरभं
दूरतोऽपि खलु नारदागदितमाकलय्य कुतुकाकुला ।
नाकतो युगपदागता वियति वेगतोऽथ सुरमण्डली ॥३॥

पाणिसंक्वणितकङ्कणं च मुहुरंसलम्बितकराम्बुजं
श्रोणिबिम्बचलदम्बरं भजत रासकेलिरसडम्बरम् ॥४॥

श्रद्धया विरचितानुगानकृततारतारमधुरस्वरे
नर्तनेऽथ ललिताङ्गहारलुलिताङ्गहारमणिभूषणे ।
चिन्मये त्वयि निलीयमानमिव सम्मुमोह सवधूकुलम् ॥५॥

कमनीय कृष्ण परिपाहि माम्

स्विन्नसन्नतनुवल्लरी तदनु कापि नाम पशुपाङ्गना
कान्तमंसमवलम्बते स्म तव तान्तिभारमुकुलेक्षणा ॥
वञ्चनेन तव सञ्चुचुम्ब भुजमञ्चितोरुपुलकाङ्कुरा ॥६॥

कामिनीरिति हि यामिनीषु खलु कामनीयकनिधे भवान्
पूर्णसम्मदरसार्णवं कमपि योगिगम्यमनुभावयन् ।
ब्रह्मशङ्करमुखानपीह पशुपाङ्गनासु बहुमानयन्
भक्तलोकगमनीयरूप कमनीय कृष्ण परिपाहि माम् ॥११॥

O Attractive One! O Krishna! protect me.

A bunch of peacock feathers adorning the beautiful locks of hair; a pair of fish shaped earings dangling from the ears; many necklaces intermingled with flower garlands adorning the neck; a golden girdle fastened to the yellow silk garment adorning the waist; sandle paste and other unguents smeared on the body emitting strong fragrance; gem studded anklets flashing forth a glow; we meditate on such a radiant form of Thee, with decorations appropriate for the Raasa.

Then only, having done the make up and putting on the bodice on the breasts, and begemmed earings dangling on the cheeks, the group of young women formed a circle surrounding Thee. O Consort of Laxmi! O Padmanaabha! Thou moved about in between every two of the beautiful women

O Vaasudeva! Naarada described Thy resplendent, fragrant and beautiful Raas Leelaa. Hearing about it from far, groups of gods, full of eagerness came from the heaven and quickly gathered in the sky. They were accompanied by hundreds of beautiful women who were experts in dressing up and in adorning themselves with jewellery and also in amorous display.

The key notes of the flute set the tune giving the sweet song and the raagas a flow and rhythm. keeping time with the very pleasant beats of the music. The clapping of the hands mingled with the tingling sound of the bangles. During the dance, time and again Thou placed Thy lotus hands on the shoulders of the Gopikaas. As they danced about, the clothings on their waists fluttered. On such enthralling majesty of the Raas Dance let us meditate.

Filled with faith, the singers raised their voices in successive strains as the musical notes reached higher in pitch. The beautiful limbs of the dancers moved delightfully displacing their necklaces and the begemmed ornaments on their body. The groups of gods and goddesses watched entranced completely submerged in the Pure Consciousness.

O Attractive One! O Krishna! protect me.

One Gopikaa, slender and delicate like a creeper, tired and sweating, with drooping eyes out of fatigue, supported herself on Thy beautiful shoulder. Another Gopikaa slyly kissed Thy arm, having horripilation over her body in the process.

O Repository of all virtues! In this manner, Thou made the women experience the immense bliss of the nectar ocean in the nights. Such an experience only yogis may attain. This created in Brahma Shiva and other gods a feeling of respect for the Gopikaas. O Thou attainable to those full of devotion, O Attractive One! O Krishna! protect me

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