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Shenmue II HD OST - Rocky Area

Shenmue II HD OST - Rocky Area #1
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TitleShenmue II HD OST - Rocky Area
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Here we have the official soundtrack ost for Shenmue II HD, being the official soundtrack ost from the video game. If you’re new to the YouTube channel, we upload high quality soundtracks and ost from video games, and sometimes movies. We aim to provide the best sound and video quality. We hope you stick around and enjoy the video game music that we upload, and feel free to suggest any other ost or soundtrack that you wish to see uploaded, as we like to archive as much rare ost soundtrack as possible.


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We provide high quality videos of music, through uploading and archiving soundtracks and ost, mainly for video games. We also upload song cover renditions of midi sound files through the Synthesia program. We cover such mediums as; video games, movies, television, anime and more mainstream genres. Feel free to request a song for us to transcribe, or a soundtrack to upload, though be specific on the details please!

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