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12 Signs That Your Kidneys Need Help

12 Signs That Your Kidneys Need Help #1
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Title12 Signs That Your Kidneys Need Help
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Your body gives these signs when your kidneys are in danger. For those who have suffered, are suffering or know someone suffering from liver disease know that it is a silent killer. What makes it even more dangerous is that it gets diagnosed at very late stages for most people.

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Changing of Your Urinary Function 0:58
Difficulty or Pain While Urinating 1:30
Blood in the Urine 1:54
Foamy Urine 2:18
Swelling or Oedema 2:32
Extreme Fatigue 2:55
Dizziness and Inability to Concentrate 3:18
Feeling Constantly Cold 3:38
Skin Rashes and Itching 3:55
Ammonia Breath and Metallic 4:18
Nausea and Vomiting 4:37
Shortness of Breath 4:54

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-You could see a dramatic increase or decrease in the amount of urine you pass if your kidneys are affected. You might also feel this extreme urge to urinate but are unable to
-You might have difficulty, or feel pressure or pain while trying to empty your bladder. This could mean that you have developed a urinary tract infection
-Blood in the urine is a direct symptom of kidney disease. You need to visit your doctor immediately if this symptom has surfaced
-Foamy Urine is a symptom associated with the bladder, but because the bladder and kidneys are so connected, the bladder is the first to be affected if the kidneys are failing
-The person will experience swelling of the feet, ankles, puffiness in the face and tightness in their hands when the kidneys start to fail
-When the kidneys malfunction, the levels of erythropoietin drop drastically. This sudden drop in red blood cells causes your body to become weak and fatigue
-When your kidneys are causing you to become fatigue, this lack of oxygen also affects the brain. The reason is that when the brain is lacking oxygen, it functions slower
-Pyelonephritis, which is a kidney infection, can also cause a fever and chills
-Renal failure, which causes waste to build up in your blood is also what causes severe itching and skin rashes
-Kidney failure causes urine-like bad breath called ammonia breathe. If your kidneys are failing, you will experience constant nausea and vomiting
-It can cause a build-up of fluid in the lungs which can leave you with a feeling of breathlessness

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