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The Greatest Showman A Cappella Mashup | BYU Vocal Point & Friends

The Greatest Showman A Cappella Mashup | BYU Vocal Point & Friends #1
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TitleThe Greatest Showman A Cappella Mashup | BYU Vocal Point & Friends
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Andra Duke, Michael Hunter, Scott Hill, Steven Enfield, Pizza Pie Cafe, Chick-Fil-a. We are very grateful for the logistical support of BYU Broadcasting, and for the financial support of BYU Performing Arts Management and the BYU Alumni Association (Do you have a BYU Alumni story to share? Tell your story at #Connected4Good).


Directed and Produced by Jeff Parkin
Produced by Jared Cardon [[link stripped]]m
Associate producers: Ben Fales, McKay Crockett
Executive producers: Ben Fales, Shane Wright
BYU Cougarettes/Vocal Point Choreographer: Jennifer Tingey
Aeris Aerial Arts Director/Choreography: Darla Davis
BYU Vocal Point Director: McKay Crockett
BYU Music Group: Ben Fales
BYU Cougarettes Director: Jodi Maxfield
BYU Broadcasting Production Lead: Scott Hill

Featured Soloists, in order of appearance:
Logan Shelton
Jantzen Dalley
Darla Davis
Jason Bromley
Elisha Garrett

Jason Bromley, Nathan Cazmersen, Jantzen Dalley, Josh Harden, Matt Newman, Carl Prince, Logan Shelton, David Steele, James Thorup

Chandler Anderson, Abbey Bench, Shaye Edwards, Ashley Hyde, Lonica Jacobsen, Shanae Larsen, Morgan Naduld, Brynli Swallow, Savannah Vincent, Hallie Weichers, Rachel Driggs, Dresden Graf, Morgan Hales, Chandler Kimball, Megan Skalla, Caroline Tarbet, Nicole Thorley, Emry Wride

Mckayla Finlinson, Matisse Seal, Hannah Brown, Christina Jachman, Ainsley Davies, Elise Kapp, Bailey Olsen;

BYU DUNK TEAM (@byudunkteam):
Charlie Bird, John Hart, Marcus Cain, Travis Carter, Sayre Stewart, Derek Carter, Zak Potts

Cameron Packham, Brayden Singley

Director of Photography: Jacob Schwarz
Movi Operator: Justin Ahlmann
1st AC: Jameson Dressen
2nd AC: Jonny Vance
Gaffer: Steven Enfield
Lighting Technicians: Connor Dean, Joshua Blake, Jenna Alton
Lighting Assists: Sienna Stroud, Katie Ashton, Marcus Gibbey, Karmen Kodia
1st AD: Willem Kampenhout
2nd AD: Ian David Hawkes
2nd AD: Keith Grover
Production Assistant: Caitlin Black
Production Designer: Abbie Vance
Art Assistants: Abigail Pettijohn, Elizabeth Harrison, Aurelia Berryhill
Wardrobe Designer: Natalie Burton
Wardrobe Assistant: Ruska Still
Hair & Makeup Designer: Jennine Hollingshaus
Hair & Makeup Assistants: Sarah Bult, Heather Everett, Erin Anderson, Lindsey Sampson
Production Assistants: Sam Matheson, Mackenzie Rugg, Matthew Taggart, Isaac Wright, Weber Griffiths, Heather Moser, Sophia Maria, Sam Haskin, Brad Bills, Mariah Johnson, Ruska Still, Luke Garrett, Liam Howard, Blake Mower, Benjamin Tyus, Christena Taylor
BTS: Colton Elzey
VP Technical Director/Playback: Abner Apsley
VP Stage Manager: Sarah Barrus
VP Media Support: Zack Battenfield
Colorist: Jacob Schwarz

Filmed at BYU Broadcasting, Provo, Utah
© BYU Records 2018

The Greatest Showman A Cappella Mashup: The Greatest Show / Come Alive / Rewrite the Stars / This Is Me
Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, Ryan S Lewis (“The Greatest Show,” only); arranged by McKay Crockett
Produced by McKay Crockett
Recorded and edited by McKay Crockett, additional editing by Abner Apsley
Choir: Megan Sackett, Elisha Garrett, Alyssa Crockett, Erin Crowe, Jordan Hale, Patch Crowe
Mixed by Ed Boyer
Mastered by Troy Sales
© BYU Records 2018

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