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Siblings You've Never Seen Before

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TitleSiblings You've Never Seen Before
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Some of these are siblings of celebrities that you’ll be surprised you never knew existed while others are simply strange stories about siblings you’d never believe. All of these people are Siblings You’ve Never Seen Until Now.

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#4 - Twins, Twins, Twins!
It has been a long-standing thought that twins share a special connection between them but this really seems true given the sibling story we have for you here. Craig and Mark Sanders are brothers that literally share everything together, they’re hardly apart. Even as adults, they live side by side in adjacent houses and they see each other every day. To top it off, they found and married another set of twins.

This setting seems like it’s also straight from a fairytale but it begins in a place called Twinsburg, Ohio, at a celebration called Twins Day Festival. Mark met Diane and Darlene, and the rest was history. In an even more surprising turn of events, this pair of twins, that married twins, also had twins, twin boys. The other couple was even more lucky, just not in the twins department. They have two daughters and a son, none of which are twins or triplets.

#3 - Hunter Johansson
Speaking of twins, did you know that Scarlett Johansson had one? Believe it or not, this stunning Hollywood actress has a twin brother who you can see pictured here. His name is Hunter and at first, he was headed right down the same path as his sister, being an actor.

A little later on, Hunter realized that acting wasn’t his calling and made the career move to politics instead. He has since had a successful career in the industry; he was even a part of former President Obama’s initial campaign as well as his reelection. Having that alone on your resume proves that you were good at your job. More recently, Hunter and his sister have worked together in philanthropy projects such as the Champions of Rockaway Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser, which both of them hosted. These two beautiful people have other siblings as well, including Vanessa, Adrian, Christian, and Fenan.

#2 - Lee Ann DeVette
Another person that we had no clue existed is Tom Cruise’s older sister, Lee Ann. She, Tom, and their other two sisters were born and grew up in poverty with an abusive dad. Before their mom and dad split, they had all made the move to Canada even though they were born in New York. In the spring of Tom’s sixth-grade year, their mother left their dad and brought them back to the United States.

For a short time after Tom became famous, Lee Ann was the public relations manager for Tom and his team. That didn’t work out too well, they split apart, and Tom started working with someone else. Fast forward a few years and Lee Ann becomes a Scientology follower following in her brother’s footsteps. The religion has kept them apart for the years after that although they did come together earlier this year to celebrate the life of their mother who passed in her sleep at age 80.

#1 - A Parallel Universe
This is an interesting story that is either going to creep you out or make you say “Wow.” We already mentioned the sometimes eerie vibe someone can get from seeing a set of twins interact, but the two men in this picture are really something else. Usually, when you have a pair of twins, they do everything together. They wake up and get dressed together, they eat their meals together, and share the same birthday together, year after year. Since they live the majority of their lives together, it’s easy to see why they would quickly adopt the same habits and speech as the other one.

What would be a truly shocking turn of events would be if two twins were separated, lived completely separate lives, yet STILL turned out to be the same all grown up. It seems like that could never be possible be we implore you to look at the pictures you see here a little harder. You can see that they both have the same bench and the same setup around him. What’s even stranger than these two getting headaches at the same time of day or having the same workshop, is that they have had the same life!

When they were kids, they both had a dog named Toy. When they grew up, they both had a wife named Linda, who they both then divorced for a lady named Betty. Together with Betty, both men, who didn’t know about each other all this time since they met later in their 50’s, had a son named James Alan. We don’t know about you but that’s far too many coincidences to make us comfortable.

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