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V6 Bonalu Song - V6 News

V6 Bonalu Song - V6 News #1
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TitleV6 Bonalu Song - V6 News
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Watch V6 Special Bonalu Song 'Dolu Dolu Dol.. Dolamma Dolu Dol..Bonala Panduge Vachindi Dolu Dol... Special #Bonalu song which briefs significance of Bonalu celebrations in Telangana State.

Lyrics : Kandikonda
Music : Bhole Shavali
Singer : Telu Vijaya, Kandukuri Shankar Babu, Varam

Soorinne Bottuga Pettinavu, Ballanne Chetila Pettinavu Mahammari Thalane Narikinavu Peddamma..'

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