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How to get tan fast without getting sunburned

How to get tan fast without getting sunburned #1
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TitleHow to get tan fast without getting sunburned
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How to get tan : People tend to look great when they have a bit of a tan—it adds a warm glow to the skin, masks blemishes, and helps make colorful clothes stand out. It can be tricky business, getting the right tan—there are UV rays to worry about, awkward orange colors to avoid, and tan lines to consider. With a little knowledge and forethought, you can overcome any-obstacles, and get that tan you're looking for—and we'll show you how. Follow these simple-steps and get that golden glow in short order.

1.Choose your UV source. For ultraviolet-tanning, nothing beats good, old-fashioned sunshine. If your skies or weather don't permit, though, tanning beds are an effective, year-round alternative to keep your skin lightly-browned.
• Keep it all in moderation—great looking skin can end up looking like leather if you stay in the "oven" too long.

2.Hydrate your skin. Skin that's well hydrated will tan better than dusty, dry-skin. Before you do prepare your skin to tan well:

• In the shower, exfoliate dry, dead epidermal cells by scrubbing gently with a rough cloth, loofah, or exfoliating-soap.

3.Wear sunscreen when you tan! If you are just going to sit on the beach and tan for an hour put SPF 4-15 on, depending on how fair your-complexion is and how much base you've already built-up.

4.Get-naked. If you are trying to get fast tan all over, then there's really no other option than to put on your birthday suit and soak-up the sun. Find a nude beach or a private (fenced) area of your backyard and let the sun work its magic!
Position the chair or towel in the yard where the sun will hit you directly.

5.Move while you tan. Think "rotisserie chicken." To get that great, all-over browning, you have to keep on the move. Front, back, sides, and places where the sun doesn't normally shine—like underarms. Or spend one-day on your backside and one day on your front-side

6.Protect your-eyes. They can be burned, too. For tanning, though, it's better to either wear a hat or just keep your eyes closed rather than wear sunglasses. Bright-light on your optic-nerve stimulates the hypothalamus-gland, which in turn causes the production of melanin, thus achieving a deeper-tan.

7.Hydrate! Make sure you drink plenty of water. Jump in the pool to cool yourself down now and then, too. Don't worry, this will not harm your tanning in the least. Don't forget to re-apply your sun-screen afterwards.

8.After you tan, moisturize. Use an aloe-based skin lotion to sooth and moisturize your skin. It will help keep your skin healthy and will prevent it from becoming flaky and dry from the sun.

9.Do it yourself. There are a variety of products from companies such as Neutrogena, L'Oreal, Victoria's Secret, and many more, that will give you a smooth, even-tan.
• As per the instructions, apply the lotion or spray-evenly, taking care to get all skin covered. The best lotions will be noncomedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores.

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