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Mavic chip teardown

Mavic chip teardown #1
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TitleMavic chip teardown
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This is Part 2 of the Mavic Pro teardown video, this time showing which chips are used in the drone.

Below are the sources as well as the chip descriptions.

SKY77814-11 - Power amplifier IC RF power amplifier chip
[[link stripped - click to show]]

acp ed87458kb - RF Chip
couldn't find all the information but was able to find information on similar chips and they are for RF modulation etc. Probably for the video/RF signal transmission.
[[link stripped]]

These two chips were bundled in the Xiaomi Redmi 2a cellphone.

Movidius (intel owned) ma2100A - Vision Processing Unit
Active Track
Obstacle Detection and avoidance
[[link stripped]]

Micron Elpida B8123B4PM-10-F DDR2 SDRAM
[[link stripped]]

Ambarella - A9-A1-RH - Camera SOC
Used in GoPro Hero 3 Black
Encoding DDR3
ARM Cortex A9 CPU
Digital DSP
[[link stripped]]

Leadcore LC1860C - CPU
CPU used in phones 1.5 GHZ
4 core ARM Cortex-A7 MPcore
32 Bit - Built in DSP
[[link stripped]]

SEC 625 B213 - 4GB LPDDR3 memory
Unknown manufacturer
Memory for the CPU
[[link stripped]]

Leadcore LC1160 - Power management chip
Power management for the other IC's

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