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Baal Veer - Episode 85

Baal Veer - Episode 85 #1
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TitleBaal Veer - Episode 85
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Baalveer is super excited about the dance competition that is soon going to take place in his School. Natkhat Pari gives a unique gift to Baalveer but Baalveer disagrees to accept her gift. Montu tears Meher's form. Meher is upset as she can't participate in the dance competition. Will Baalveer help Meher? Who will win the dance competition?

Baal Veer, is a kids based super hero show. It talks about a wonderland, Pari lok, where all the fairies reside. There are numerous fairies in Pari lok and each pari has her own basic characteristic according to their name..He is a human who is taken to Pari lok by fairies.. Baalveer is blessed with the power of the 6 fairies and with those powers he helps Manav and Meher and other kids in fighting against their fears. Baal Veer comes as a saviour for Manav-Meher and fights against all the odds in their life.

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