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TF2 - Noob

TF2 - Noob #1
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TitleTF2 - Noob
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Please don't bother anyone shown in this video.
Sorry for the lousy commentary, it was around 3 in the morning.

Get in contact
❄ Leave a message on my Steam profile.
❄ Leave a message on this video.

Starring in this video
❄ Noob

Steam Group
[[link stripped - click to show]]

Trade offers
[[link stripped]]
(I am not selling any australiums, rifles, or sniper cosmetics.
You can offer on the rest for pure prices or 30% overpay in items.)

❄ aHUD
❄ Lawena Recording Tool HUD

Music used
❄ Rayman 3 - Funkyboard 1
Programs used
❄ Photoshop CC
❄ Sony vegas pro 12
❄ Nvidia Shadowplay
❄ Source Filmmaker

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