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Download Teaching Feeling [v2.2.1English/v1.9.2Español] #1
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TitleDownload Teaching Feeling [v2.2.1English/v1.9.2Español]
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English v2.2.1 size 1.05GB

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Español v1.9.2 tamaño 840 MB

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-------------------------------------------HOW TO [v2.2.1 only]-----------------------------------------------------------------

*There are 2 rar archives in the main folder
*Unzip the game and unpack it to the desired location.
*Unzip the English Patch, unpack the data and tyrano folders to the game folder and agree to overwrite the files.
*Press the "TeachingFeeling.exe" to start the game.

----------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT INFO-----------------------------------------------------------------

- Every link in the description is the full game with the patch, just download the winrar, extract and play.
- Only for PC.
- If you want to continue your save on a newer version just drag and drop the "tyrano data" document on the most recent folder.
-You cant use an android save file and continue in your PC.

-Cada enlace en la descripción es el juego completo con el parche, descarga el winrar, extrae y juega.
-Únicamente para PC.
-Si deseas continuar tu partida en una versión más actualizada sólo arrastra el documento llamado "tyrano data" a la carpeta más reciente.
-No se puede usar la partida guardad de la versión android en PC.


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