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C�ng ty May 10

C�ng ty May 10 #1
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TitleC�ng ty May 10
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C�ng ty May 10 hi?n nay g?m 13 X� nghi?p th�nh vi�n ?�ng t?i H� N?i, H?i Ph�ng, Th�i B�nh, Nam ??nh, Thanh Ho� v� Qu?ng B�nh; g?m c� h?n 8000 CBCNV
Sau 16 n?m chuy?n ??i c? ch? qu?n l� t? X� nghi?p th�nh C�ng ty, May 10 ?� ??t ???c nhi?u th�nh t?u to l?n: s?n xu?t t?ng tr??ng b�nh qu�n t? 20 - 30%/n?m, ??i s?ng CBCNV ng�y c�ng ???c c?i thi?n, ??a C�ng ty tr? th�nh "Top 10" c�c "Doanh nghi?p ti�u bi?u ng�nh D?t - May Vi?t Nam" nhi?u n?m li?n
Khi gia nh?p WTO,l�nh ??o t?ng c�ng ty ?� x�y d?ng chi?n l??c s?n xu?t veston cao c?p nh?m ?a d?ng h�a s?n ph?m trong ?i?u ki?n c?nh tranh gay g?t,tu�n theo ?i?u ki?n k? thu?t kh?t khe nh?t ?? ??m b?o ch?t l??ng t?t nh?t. M?i n?m, T?ng C�ng ty xu?t kh?u g?n 1,5 tri?u s?n ph?m veston sang th? tr??ng Nh?t B?n, Ch�u �u v� M?, g�p ph?n n�ng cao v? th? v� th??ng hi?u c?a T?ng C�ng ty May 10 tr�n th? tr??ng qu?c t?.
C�ng ty c? ph?n May 10 ??nh h??ng ??n n?m 2020 s? tr? th�nh m?t T?p ?o�n kinh t? m?nh v?i n?n t?ng v?n ho� doanh nghi?p v?ng ch?c, tr�n c? s? c?ng c?, ph�t tri?n th??ng hi?u May 10, l?y l?nh v?c may m?c l�m tr?ng t�m. T?p trung ?u ti�n ngu?n l?c ?? ph�t tri?n c�c ng�nh ngh? c� hi?u qu?; Quy ho?ch ph�t tri?n tr? s? May 10 th�nh khu v?c s?n xu?t c�ng ngh? cao, trung t�m th??ng m?i, trung t�m th?i trang, c� th??ng hi?u v� uy t�n l?n tr�n th? tr??ng trong n??c, qu?c t?.

CopyrightAll materials' copyright are belong to their respective owners and/or uploader. This video was uploaded by trangthuytinh
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