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Zoochosis: Escalator

Zoochosis: Escalator #1
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TitleZoochosis: Escalator
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There's no such thing as a free ride.

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Written, Directed and Edited by Patrick Scott
A Zoochosis Production
Produced by Nikos Bellas & Ryan Nicholson
Cinematography by Peter Soto, Alex Merkle and Maximilian Sperber

This short features the acting talents of Michael "Mikey" Lange. You can see more of his stuff by clicking the link below. He and his Navy Seal of Comedy are responsible for a hilarious rendition of "Dramatic Interpretations of Facebook - Middle Schoolers":

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Michael Lange
Brittany Escobar
John Scillieri
Maya Bradley
Fiona Stout
Bethany Regan
Reanne Helo
Whitney Fortmueller
Tiffany Gonzalez

Full Cast/ Crew List:
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"Strauss - Blue Danube Waltz" by Apollo Symphony Orchestra

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