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Kingdom Hearts II - Sacred Moon

Kingdom Hearts II - Sacred Moon #1
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TitleKingdom Hearts II - Sacred Moon
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The fading elegy of dying flames whisks you from the realm betwixt realms and into a new and unfamiliar world. It is ominous and nearly devoid of life, save for those accursed creatures you've been tasked with destroying. Ashen clouds hover in a black sky, bringing an onslaught of rain to wash across this cold and mysterious place. From somewhere in the distance, thunder trembles with a hollow, echoing crash and the darkening clouds part to unveil an enigmatic moon suspended above a floating citadel of white. This is a realm hovering in empty space. It is a world in which anomalies and the nonexistent ones dwell. This is the World that Never Was...

...Thank you for watching! ^__^

Sorry for disappearing so much lately! I honestly feel terrible about it. But non-music-related projects and other things have been distracting me from uploading! On a side note, is anybody else super-excited for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance? I sure am! Neku! Joshua! :D Now, if only I had a 3DS...

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"Sacred Moon" from Kingdom Hearts II
Original composition: Yoko Shimomura
Arranged and performed by: HypochondriacPiano
...and random bit of prose by: HypochondriacPiano

CopyrightAll materials' copyright are belong to their respective owners and/or uploader. This video was uploaded by HypochondriacPiano
LicenseLicensed under YouTube Standard License
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