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//Sonic - Metamorphosis\\ MEP

//Sonic - Metamorphosis\\ MEP #1
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Title//Sonic - Metamorphosis\\ MEP
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Mwhaha! it looks Amazing! *O* except my part dat sucks xD
i apoligize for not gettin dis up sooner T.T der were sum complications u can say

Thanks to all the editers who joined! :D
*HUGGZz Evrybodie*
n Special Thanks to STFL ^-^

Part 1:xBuzz96x
[[link stripped - click to show]]

Part 2:ShadowTailsFanLives
[[link stripped]]

Part 3:shadow924eva
[[link stripped]]

Part 4:GenieneTheHedgehog
[[link stripped]]

Part 5:DjMangoolKHR
[[link stripped]]

Part 6:StrikeTheFox
[[link stripped]]

Part 7:STHfan2000

Part 8:SwordHappyFox
[[link stripped]]

Part 9:GV511
[[link stripped]]

Part 10:Pakostnikk
[[link stripped]]

Part 11:Moonlightsonic
[[link stripped]]

Part 12:ShadowTailsFanLives
(Look at part 2 :P)

Part 13:ShadouKun1
[[link stripped]]

Part 14:ShadowChao277
[[link stripped]]

Part 15: NeoNekoPup
[[link stripped]]

Music: Metamorphosis - Blue Stahli
:Faceless - Red

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