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TitleRayssa Teixeira Melo
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Rayssa Teixeira Melo Brazilian Fitness model leaves TV show after being groped
Bikini model slaps presenter who grabbed her bum twice on TV during creepy sunscreen demonstration. According to local media, the objective of the program was to raise awareness about the use of sunscreen for a correct skin tan.To do this they invited Rayssa, who came on the scene wearing a daring bikini.
in the video we see how the "specialist" applies the sun block in some areas of her abdomen and waist. However, as moments passed, the models discomfort became increasingly noticeable.
Rayssa's anger reached its climax as the man took the opportunity to touch her glutes twice. The first was excused. He only received a slap. But when it happened again, the woman lashed out at him and threw everything she found and retired from the set.
several viewers expressed support for the model and condemned the attitude of the presenter. Although the video was posted on YouTube this week, it was announced that the program in question was broadcast in May 2016.
The meaning of the word "no" seems to be a difficult one for some men to grasp.
So when this bikini model told a creepy TV presenter to keep his hands off her backside during a gratuitous sunscreen demonstration, he presumably thought she was joking.
So you can imagine his confusion when, after doing precisely what he was instructed not to do, he got a massive slap round the face and had bottles of sunblock launched at him live on television.
The model, Rayssa Teixeiro Melo, has won praise online for her response to the lascivious lech's brazen bum-grab, which happened during a supposed health segment of a Brazilian TV show.


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